Yoga for Weight Loss: 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout | Easy Yoga For Beginners #ChetChat

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Title – Yoga for Weight Loss: 20 Minute Fat Burning I Yoga Workout Easy Yoga For Beginners. Click on this link for a ChetChat with Shammi Gupta a Certified Yoga Practitioner and Naturopath who talks about how Yoga can be effectively used for weight loss, how you can do morning Yoga for weight loss, she has suggested a 20 minute workout for Yoga for beginners.

She is an MA in Yoga and talks about weight loss yoga, how we can do Morning Yoga For Weight Loss and that are the benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss. She has prescribed a Weight Loss workout with Suryanamaskars, kapalbhati and surya bhedan or surya abhyas. She follows BKS Iyengar Yoga, Bihar School of Yoga and baba ramdev yoga

She has demonstrated yoga for beginners which can help in how to lose weight and has suggested the three Best Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss. Watch this interesting yoga video with weight loss exercise, where she guides us on how to lose weight fast and the best exercise for weight loss. She gives clear instructions on how to do yoga and specifically yoga for tummy. Three of the fastest weight loss exercise are demonstrated and this way people can use yoga to reduce weight.

She talks of some other yoga benefits while giving us the detailed yoga workout. In a future video in the same series she will also demonstrate yoga for belly fat and a total body workout routine, along with yoga classes for beginners

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