Workout In A Crowded Gym | Weight Loss Journey Logs | Day 3

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=== Weight Loss Journey Logs | Day 3 ===

All the meals, all the exercise… Everything… Everything that I do for weight loss is in „Weight Loss Journey Logs“.

In this program, Me (Alper) and Marketa are recording and sharing every single day of my weight loss journey.

For nutrition, we make our own meals at home. Just watch the video, they are all there.
For exercise, we are currently following `Labrada Lean Body Training Program`.

Please be around for the following days!
Alper & Marketa

For the Lee Labrada’s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer:

*Lee Labrada Program Day 3:


– Riot – ‚Newsroom‘
– John Deley and the 41 Players – ‚Carroll Park‘
– Silent Partner – ‚Walking The Dog‘
– Jingle Punks – ‚Arriba Mami‘

The Intro & Outro music: “Run” from Ross Bugden

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