Why Most Weight Loss Diets Fail

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Why Most Weight Loss Diets Fail

Most of us have tried some diet or the other to lose weight and body fat but the moment we resume our normal eating pattern all the weight we had lost during these diets comes bouncing back –

Here are some of the reasons why most weight loss diets fail –

1.Most of these diets aim at reducing your calorie intake as low as possible and that’s why lose weight quickly but the moment you resume your normal calorie intake all weight comes back quickly.

2. Most of the weight lost during these diets is water and muscle weight , now losing muscle weight is not good coz muscle tissue enhances your metabolic rate . Now with lesser muscle tissue left after the diet your body has even slower calorie burning capacity and hence all the weight bounces back.

3. Fad diets cannot be followed forever and cannot be made part of our lifestyle ,you can maximum follow these diets for 6- 7 days and the moment you come back to our normal eating pattern all the weight comes bounces back.

The best way to lose weight is to incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise regularly,of course the weight loss process might be slow but you will able to retain most of the weight loss

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