Weight loss Vlog # 23 | February Workout Totals!

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Recorded: March 6, 2017 (Week 14)

Starting Weight: 216.6
Current Weight: 188.0
Total pounds lost: 28.6
Ultimate goal Weight: 125 (63 lbs to go)

Hello Everyone!
In this video I talk a little about:
• My weigh in for Week 13 ….
• Click on the link for a lot of great information about taking your measurements in order to accurately track your progress…………
• My workout totals for the entire month of February: calories, minutes, miles
• Starting C25K (couch to 5 Kilometers) Program to help you start running/jogging
(I am walking 3.0-3.2 mph + I jog at around 3.5-4.0 mph)
• Featuring a special guest lol …. =P

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Thanks for watching!!

Special thanks to DJV for editing!! As you can see he gets a real kick out of using those parts I mess up =P

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