Weight Loss Update Video | Insanity Month 2 Workouts Review

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I started this vlog partly as an outlet to share my weight loss journey. In the past, I often didn’t want to let people know I was trying to lose weight because as soon as I would lose it, it would all come right back.

The reality was that I was going about it the wrong way. I was not exercising, and I was always on one fad diet after another. My turning point came in December last year; I decided to take control over my health. I went on a life-long fitness journey, which I had to make myself understand did not have a destination. Yes, I do have weight loss goals, but after achieving them, I will stick to the journey to maintain and just live healthier than I was living before.

I am committed to, at least, post 2 weight loss update videos every month. This is my first weight loss update video for May, and it covers my current scale victory, my workout routine, and a brief review of Shaun T, Insanity Month 2 workouts. Enjoy!!

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