Weight Loss Plan – Reshape Your Body with Cardio or Weights?

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Get my RESHAPE YOUR BODY PLAN. No cost. No frills. Easy to follow. Looking better doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight, doing more cardio. What about Weights? Get the plan on our website in detail and print the easy-to-follow plan at http://healthyhotair.com/?p=567.

My Weight Loss Workout Body Shape Changing Plan:
Visit my website for the full Reshape Your Body Workout Plan at http://healthyhotair.com/?p=567.

**HEAVY LIFTING WORKOUT HIGHLIGHTS (alternate upper/lower body)
more are posted on our website at http://healthyhotair.com/?p=567.
Brutal Butt/Thigh Fitness Blender – https://youtu.be/11JXbBBgfWg
Strong Lean Arms FB – https://youtu.be/1igC5YL_HF0
Upper Body Burnout FB – https://youtu.be/mGSBbizjLMg

Go to you http://youtube.com/fitnessblender for more heavy weight lifting workouts. I recommend always doing 3 sets regardless of the workout presented.

–note more workouts posted at http://healthyhotair.com/?p=567. Shorter videos should be done three times through for a full 20-40 minutes fyi.
Millionaire Hoy’s Dumbell HIIT – https://youtu.be/wHlNrIpA054
Jessica Smith Full Body Cardio Weights – https://youtu.be/UI-a5roMKZE
Jessica Smith’s 15 Boot Camp – https://youtu.be/8MEWxMVOFO4
Jessica Smith’s 15 Sculpt & Slim – https://youtu.be/s3wOXHbAFm0
Tracy Campoli Interval Cardio – https://youtu.be/TGXtNuAbAgU?list=PLS3W9rEzZWa-BWEL5EclEuduaisuWDwv0
**all Tracy Campoli cardios can be combined with her short 10 minute light weight lift videos doing cardio and strength separately.

On cardio only days enjoy my favorite guy Millionaire Hoy’s channel and get your sweat on at https://www.youtube.com/user/yaboymillhoy.

Cardio vs Weight Lifting Studies Revealed:
– Muscle and Fitness Website: http://www.muscleandfitness.com/workouts/workout-tips/lift-heavy-lose-more-fat
– Women’s Health Magazine: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/lifting-heavy-weights

About Healthy Hot Air:
Founded by Camden Smith, an award-winning publicist and former television host, Healthy Hot Air delivers everything from serious supplement and nutrition information to fun cosmetic and fitness reviews. This health and fitness channel brings a smile with every episode.

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Before beginning any workout, using any product or modifying diet and/or health routines, you should always consult a physician or the appropriate medical provider. HHA accepts no liability for your experiences or results as each of us is unique, and individuals should make healthy choices best for their personal health level.

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