Weight Loss Journey | Workout Routine Wednesday

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Hello, Welcome to my markreed757 and my Weight Loss Journey/Journal!!! Enjoy my video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more.
W E I G H T L O S S S T A T S:

☆Starting Weight: 420lbs (Jan 6, 2017)
☆Current Weight: 370lbs
☆Goal Weight: 220lbs
What I ate for the Day

I was flipping horrible with my meal plan today
I started off by not having one. For breakfast I ate 2 slices of breakfast pizza and coffee at Speedway

Then I had to taco burritos from Taco Bell. Which made me not feel satisfied.

After that, I ate a cheeseburger and sausage sandwich at the sandwich shop. I did all of this before I could really think about it. Which was not a good choice at all.


What Exercise did I do Today

I did really well with exercise today. I managed to play basketball in the morning and got a little sweaty doing so. Then in the evening after work I play 2 rounds of 9 holes at the Canton disc golf course. Which resulted in a good amount of walking. I feel like I am able to do more and more each day.

The Rules I follow for continued weight loss

1. No eating after 6pm

2. Very limited to no bread

3. Don’t get too down on myself for failures

4. Stay away from fast food

5. pre-plan meals at least a day in advance

6. No pop soda or whatever you call it

7. Don’t starve myself

8. listen to my body

9. research how to improve my life

10. Always set new goals


My short term goal:

Continue to improve each day by sticking to my routine add to it

Add 1 day of swimming to my workout routine by June

Disc golf 3 times a week by June

spend more time with meal planning on SUnday’s and expand
it to have a meal plan for the whole week.

Long term goals:

Workout 2 hours every morning

Swim 4 days of the week with my other workouts by October

Continue with the meal planning and tweak it as needed
still, be doing this by the end of the year

Get my kids to eat healthier by the ned of the year

I do not put a weight number on my goals since
the weight will drop as long as I stick to the other


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⇢ For business inquiries ONLY, such as company sponsors or reviews, please feel free to email me at: markreed757@gmail.com

I am on a mission to get my life back. I have 3 wonderful kids and have to be around for them to see them have families of their own.

I welcome comments, Questions, Complaints, and suggestions.

Thank you for watching!

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