Weight Loss Dance Workout (Ikoce). How to Lose Weight by Dancing (Ikoce). Fitness Dance Workout.

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This Lango traditional dance known as „Ikoce“ can make you physically and mentally fit. It burns out fat fast through the vigor of the dance and the speed of the drum tunes. This explains why during the colonial days, the British in Uganda recruited a lot of people from the north and especially from the Lango. This fitness dance together with fertile land makes Lango largely a food basket for Uganda. Try the dance for thirty minutes every day for two months and give me the report.

The dance is organized majorly in the dry season when there is less work in the gardens for recreational/entertainment and social get together purposes. A group of people from a particular place decides to form a dancing team. They buy drums, whistles, gumboots, and uniform among other things. The unique uniform identifies one group from the other. When one dance team organizes one function this weekend, another team does for the next weekend and it rotates like that until the end of the dry season. Usually, the teams compete to identify the best, second, third and fourth best team and each team get some token financial rewards for appreciation. Individuals these days can also organize dancing competitions with rewards to the best performing teams. During gatherings like these, young boys who come as spectators can also identify and single out beautiful girls they can propose marriage to and follow-ups are made on market days or other social gatherings.

This video is one of the videos from a dance group in Bar Sub County, Erute County in Lira district. The group is called „Tetyang“. „Tyang“ is an Acholi word meaning sugarcane. The word „te“ is a Lango word literally meaning „under“. So ‚Tetyang‘ means ‚under the sugarcane‘ plantation. Tetyang is also a village in Bar sub-county. This dance group comes from Tetyang village.

Caution: I would like to inform and educate my viewers on the correct use of the word „Lango“ which is abused by people who may not be very familiar with the word. The word „Lango“ is used to describe the people (plural) or the person (singular), the tribe and the language. It has no plural form. Please, don’t forget to share, like and subscribe to my channel.

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