UPADTE! Best Weight Loss Fitness Clubs Columbus GA – Solcioty Fitness – 706.940.7272

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https://youtu.be/T40lmGTBm4E – CHANNEL UPDATES: Starting in 2018-Forward NEU provides new channel enhancement option here beginning by offering their free Premium Live Whole Food nutritional product to our existing subscribers and new visitor. Go here: http://RFanz.com/youtubespecial or CONTACT: Coach Pete Meadows – 706-691-3990 – PMeadows@MyNeuNrg.com

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https://youtu.be/y3upjcQ8cYY -Best Weight Loss Fitness Clubs Columbus GA — Solcioty Fitness – 706.940.7272 – http://solciotyfitness.com/

The most effective and exciting one hour workout you’ll ever experience. Burn up to 1,000 calories per class and continue to burn long after your workout.

At Solcioty Fitness we treat everyone like family. Our mission is to help as many people, at any fitness level, reach their goals. That is why we let our product speak for itself.

We do not believe in start-up fees or contracts. Purchasing classes, scheduling, tracking your amazing results, freezing your account and even cancellations are all managed from your Solcioty App or Web Dashboard!

1627 Bradley Park Dr. Suite 100
Columbus, Georgia
706.940.7272 – http://solciotyfitness.com/
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