Underwater Elliptical at Beyond Aquatics for Weight Loss

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This is a video of what it is like to work out independently at H3O Aquatics. Ann enjoys using the underwater elliptical. Her main goals are to lose a little weight and recover from her shoulder injury. Ann let us share this video because she wants to encourage others who would like to exercise but may be in pain and need a low impact workout.

We also have underwater treadmills, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, and more water free weights than anywhere else. Our heated therapy pools are wonderful for weight loss because you burn more calories in the water than on land and it is low impact. Come check out the best aquatic place to exercise in the world. We know that is a strong statement and we mean it. Please feel free to share this quick post with your friends. You never know who’s live you may improve by sharing this 🙂

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