Ultimate Weight Loss Meditation 30 Day Challenge! Lose Weight FAST and Permanently

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Ultimate Weight Loss Meditation — 30 Day Challenge! (Lose Weight FAST and Permanently)

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Day 1: Lose the Blame.
Day 2: Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals.
Day 3: Ditch Added Sugar.
Day 4: Avoid Refined Carbs. .
Day 5: Put Down the Drink.
Day 6: Plan One Indulgence.
Day 7: Allow Spontaneous Indulgence.
Day 8: Keep Grains in Check.
Day 9: Eat Only When Hungry.
Day 10: Go for a Walk.
Day 11: Never Skip Breakfast.
Day 12: Just Say No to Junk Food.
Day 13: Nix Processed Foods.
Day 14: Shop for Whole Foods.
Day 15: Meal Prep.
Day 16: Reorganize Your Pantry/Fridge.
Day 17: Keep a Food Journal.
Day 18: Ramp Up Protein Intake.
Day 19: Put Veggies or Fruit on Every Plate.
Day 20: Know Your Healthy Fats.
Day 21: Keep Portions in Check.
Day 22: Track Total Calories.
Day 23: Eat at the Table.
Day 24: Eliminate Distractions.
Day 25: Slow Down.
Day 26: Downsize Your Dinnerware.
Day 27: Bust Out the Scale.
Day 28: Reduce Sodium.
Day 29: Sleep 7+ Hours.
Day 30: Cut 100 Calories.
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