The Ultimate Weight Loss Series: Leg Slimdown Dance&Toning Workout | full length workout

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Hi there! The channel has officially reached 30K+ subscribers thanks to all of you. To celebrate I’ve decided to start this series of full length workouts that I’ve been debating on doing for a long time. This workout is a mix of dance workouts that specifically involve a lot of leg movements and my longer leg toning workouts, that’ll help you slim down your legs.

* there will be 7+ workouts in this series, each video will target a different group of muscles and help you in reaching your goal. The videos will be uploaded either once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how much time I have. These workouts represent 90% of what I did when I lost around 15kg (I also jogged occasionally or went roller skating etc.; they’re not exactly what I did but the movements and length are very similar). You have to make sure to drink at least 2L of water per day and eliminate sugary drinks & lower your intake of sweets, chocolates etc. to once a week. Eat moderate portions and snack on fresh fruit when necessary. I recommend eating a minimum of 1500 cal a day (do not go below 1200!!) and maximum of 2000.

* these workouts are not suited for complete beginners as it can be very strenuous on your body. If you’re a beginner and want to do this, I recommend doing only one of the leg toning workouts and only half of the dance workouts, you can choose whichever you like more.

* the burned calories counter is an approximate estimate; note: the number is not exact because it greatly depends on your weight, age and the intensity you workout at (the heavier you are, the more you’ll burn and the harder you work, the higher your calorie burn will be).

* Don’t skip the warm up or cool down to prevent injuries and minimise soreness (do extra stretches if you feel like you need to).

warm up: Joanna Soh (Dreamcatcher – You and I, Elris – Pow Pow)
01: kkardio dance (CLC – Black Dress)
02: sarahkaypop (Nct127 – Cherry Bomb)
03: sarahkaypop (Ailee – Mind Your Own Business)
04: smove china square dance (Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar)
05: fittoakay (Idol Body Slim Legs Workout)
06: k_rina 99 (EXO – Electric Kiss)
07: 갓조싀앤바믜 (G-idle – La Ta Ta)
08: the fitness marshall (BTS – Dna)
09: 갓조싀앤바믜 (Red Velvet – Red Flavor)
10: fittoakay (Idol Body Slim Legs 2.0 Workout)
11: 갓조싀앤바믜 (Twice – What is Love)
12: kkardio dance (Block B – Shall We Dance)
13: kkardio dance (Momoland – Bboom Bboom)
cool down: Joanna Soh (Weki Meki – La La La, Red Velvet – Bad Boy, iKon – Love Scenario)

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