The Most Popular 7 Minute HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

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Join in with Rosie from Pure Gym Brighton for the most popular 7 minute HIIT Workout and warm up for weight loss. An easy at home workout to burn some fat!

7 Minute High Intensity Interval Training for weight loss.

Given how popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become in the past few years you might assume that it’s a relatively new concept, but that’s nothing like the truth.

First, it’s important to understand that while HIIT is an effective fat burner, it has a host of other benefits: upping your VO2 max (the amount of oxygen your body can use and an indicator of cardio fitness), reducing lactate accumulation (so you can train harder, for longer), and increasing enzyme activity to reduce fatigue.

When you start, almost any format will work, but as you get better adapted to the workout method, tweaking your routine will help you focus on what you need to improve.

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