The Dirty Thirty Workout – Weight loss, Fitness, and conditioning in a 30 minute workout

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Brian White Fitness
Regardless of your fitness level, these workouts are designed specifically to push you out of your „comfort zone“. We know that this is where you will burn the most body fat and attain your weight loss goals faster than with any other method. These workouts are the perfect complement to your current routine or the most effective way to get in shape when you have a deadline.

Program includes: Full Nutrition (optional), Full Measurement Tracking, Journal, Full Resistance and Cardio Routine Design

Dirty30 workouts are perfect for the following:

You consistently miss workouts because of a hectic schedule.
You are looking for something different and invigorating and you aren’t afraid to break a sweat.
You aren’t getting the results or are bored with your current routine.

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