* Super Sculpting DUMBBELL STRENGTH Circuit | 30 Minute NO CARDIO Weight Loss Workout

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Lose weight by lifting weights! Shape your WHOLE BODY with this fat burning DUMBBELL STRENGTH circuit. The pace is relaxed and there’s no cardio work, but you will get plenty sweaty while toning your arms, shoulders, abs, legs and butt.



Warm Up and Cool Down:

Exercise Time:
35 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout:
Strength training builds lean muscle tissue, which sculpts your body and boosts your metabolism to burn fat and help you lose weight.

This WORKOUT is Good For:
Beginners with some weight lifting experience; exercisers with weight loss, fat loss or body composition goals; runners and athletes who want to improve core and overall body strength

WARM UP (15x – 20x each):
Arm Circles
Arm Crossers
High Knees
Leg Stretchers

MAIN WORKOUT (complete 15x each exercise, repeat the circuit twice)
Left Side Split Squat to Drinky Bird into Drinky Bird Hold with Rows
Right Side Split Squat to Drinky Bird into Drinky Bird Hold with Flys
Half-Kneeling Press Ups
Weighted Bridge Marching

FINISHER (20x each side):
Renegade Rows with Side Press UP

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