Sonam Kapoor’s Weight Loss secrets

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Every time Sonam Kapoor steps out, she surprises every one with two things. Firstly, she stuns all with her fabulous fashion statement, and secondly, with her bold and controversial statements. But, what instantly stunned everybody when she entered Bollywood was her tremendous weight loss. She looks stunningly hot today, but she was not the same when she made an entry in the glam world. This petite actress once weighed 86 kgs! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Well, here is how Sonam Kapoor turned from fat to fit.

Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss journey

Sonam Kapoor gained a lot of weight while she was studying in Singapore for two years. And since she never thought of joining the film industry, she never cared about her weight. But things changed when she was offered the lead role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, Saawariya. Although the actress started losing weight before the offer was made, once she got the film, she went on a strict diet plan and workout regime and ended up losing 35 kilos.

The actress is most grateful to her mother for helping her in losing weight:

“In all fairness, it was my mother who helped me get rid of my excess weight. The first thing she did was to keep me off the stuff I was so fond of as a teenager- chocolates, ice creams, fried foods and sweets.”

A peek into exercise regime of Sonam Kapoor 

Sonam went through rigorous workout session with weight trainers Shervir and Monisha, pilates teacher Yasmin Karachiwala, and general fitness trainer Zarine Watson. She even did power yoga and artistic yoga with Bharat Thakur, and got trained in Kathak to get a toned body. And even today, she follows the same routine and exercises. Also, she tries different workouts every day in order to keep motivation high to burn more calories.

Here is her exercise routine:

30 minutes of cardio every day.
Dance exercises learnt from Ashley Lobo twice in a week.
Practice power yoga on other days.
Swims whenever free.
Plays squash too. 

Her diet plan is as follows:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruits.
Post workout snack: Brown bread with egg whites or protein shake with juice.
Lunch: Dal, sabzi, one ragi roti, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.
Evening snack: High-fibre crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg whites.
Dinner: Soup, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.

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