ShaunT interviews Coach Tulin – Plus Size Weight loss CIZE Focus T25

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This is the most revealing, heartfelt conversation, with the man who I closed my eyes and listened to. The only positive voice I had. ShaunT told me everyday to „Let’s Go“ and „You can DO THIS“, who had such an impact on me, to only find out that I impacted him, as a plus size woman on a journey to fit. Listen to this clip from ShaunT’s podcast, „Trust and Believe“ as he interviews me about my journey, shares the impact my journey has had on him, as we laugh, AND cry. This man, Shaun, changes lives by being his authentic self EVERY. DAY. Coach Tulin, what I do today, was born because of this man’s voice…. ShaunT the celebrity fitness personality, and now Shaun the man. What we do, what we believe, what we are inspired by, you never know who it can inspire, just trust YOUR journey. „Trust and Believe“ Thank you Shaun, for sharing my story and journey as a plus size health and fitness motivator.

You can catch the full „Trust and Believe“ podcast at of Coach Tulin and Shaun here:

Episode 94 – Coach Tulin is Back!

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