Quick Outdoor Workout For Weight Loss

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What’s up everybody!

It’s Matt Cama founder of Total Body Transformation Camp and today we are going to do a short outdoor workout for weight loss! We’re going to our whole entire body and do some intense cardio training that is going to challenge us. Workouts like this will get you fit, strong and toned so you can get one step closer to transforming your body.

Workout breakdown:

Here are the movements:
1) Malcoms or Suicides
– You’ll need to split 2 marker cones 5 metres apart for this one.
2) Supermans

Let’s get it done!

Video Breakdown:

0:51 The Equipment You Will Need:
The two things you will need for this is 2 x marker cones and a stop watch. You can use your phone for a stop watch and you can use any object such as shoes or two hats as marker cones if you haven’t gone any.

1:25 Explanation On How To Do The Workout:
Split the marker cones 5 metres apart by taking 5 big steps.

3:28 The Actual Workout:
And…. GO!

Comment below and let me know how you go. Try it out, that’s all it takes!

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In this video, I show you a simple workout to do if you’re wanting to lose weight, get toned or increase your cardiovascular endurance. The only equipment you’re going to need for this fat loss workout is 2 marker cones and a stop watch. If you haven’t got a marker cone you can use any object such as a hat or shoes.

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