Power Yoga HIT Workout for Weight Loss | How to Burn Fat FAST At Home

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Burn fat & build lean muscle mass with Julia Marie’s 30 Minute Workout! Check out her 30 Day Weight Loss Program:

Personal Trainer & Certified Power Yoga Instructor, Julia Marie, leads you through a 30 Minute HIIT Power Yoga Fitness Routine! Get all the benefits of yoga like flexibility & mobility PLUS fat burning and lean muscle mass.

For everyone who wants to lose weight quickly without much stress, my wife dropped 90 pounds with proof and a very simple easy program, I know you want that too, It’s on my Y Channel Playlist, there you go

Around the world, across the sea – leave what doesn’t serve behind and UP YOUR CONNECT! This week’s free practice is designed as a celebratory practice for the connection within and the ties that bind us all.

THE HARDEST PART is taking time for yourself. It is not selfish – it’s vital. The world needs you at your best. Take 20 minutes today to connect to what matters most.

Let me know how it goes in the comment section down below!

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