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Am I the only one? My belly apron gets in the way. I can’t get up and down off of the floor. I don’t relate to those in the videos, in fitness classes, or in bootcamp. I used to be fit. I have PCOS. I have had kids. I have gained a lot of weight while losing myself.

Any of the above familiar? What if I shared with you that loving who are you today, teaching you have to do that, and to share with you that the scale is a liar. That progress comes in non scale victories. When we focus on health gains, the side effect is weight loss.

I started this journey at over 350+ with PCOS, Insulin Resistance that moved into type 2, chronic fatigue, hypothyroid, debilitating migraines, high blood pressure, and a lot more.

Did I mention we became a broke and homeless family? That my husband so has Multiple Sclerosis and I gained 250 lbs between the two of us and he lost his ability to walk?

When we started focusing on health gains. When we started to work on our mental fitness and stopped waiting for magic motivation, things began to change.

This is not about weight loss, this is about life gain.

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