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The plank is a great core exercise that doesn’t involve doing any crunches. In fact, the basic plank doesn’t involve moving at all. This is referred to as an isometric exercise.

The key with the plank is to engage you core muscles in the right way so that through the effort of balancing and stabilizing your body, you are giving your core muscles a fantastic workout. And if you don’t think you can get a good workout by holding still, just wait until you try to hold a plank for 30-60 seconds… you’re going to feel it!

This video will show you how to do a basic plank, starting where a very beginner should start to get their form down, and progress up to showing you how to do a side plank. Form is very important when you are doing any kind of plank, so if you are brand new to planks start with the very basic until you can hold it for about 30 seconds, and then work your way up.

Once you get more comfortable with your planks, you can give this 3 minute plank workout a try:
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