My 51 Day Body Transformation using JEN SELTER Workouts | Fitness & Weight Loss Journey

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Day 51 of Jen Selter Bikini Body Challenge Workout Program & Day 52 of My Fitness Journey & Weight Loss Transformation. #jenselterchallenge 🎉

The workout today is a „Legs for Days“ work out which as you can guess, is a killer leg workout but as long as it will help my small Asian booty grow, I love it! 😆

I am a bit behind with my upload schedule but I did do this workout on the correct day. This video was recorded on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.

This entire workout program, along with other workout routines Jen offers, is available on the Fitplan app. You can also find fitness plans from other highly popular athletes on the Fitplan app as well for the same price (not sponsored).

#jenselterchallenge #seltering #fitplan

I hope you enjoy my 51 day body transformation results using Jen Selter’s booty workouts!

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Quynh Pham

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