Losing Weight on More Calories & Making Your Waist Smaller | FITNESS Q&A

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Hi guys! I posted on my instagram (@lauragfit) the other day asking for fitness related questions and here are my answers to half of them! I didn’t want to make the video too long so there will be a part 2 🙂

hands to estimate portions: https://lifehacker.com/5880630/use-your-hand-to-estimate-your-portions

bodybuilding exercise guide: https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/

00:52- tips on how to increase weight loss in stomach area
2:43- how to strengthen knees/avoid injury
5:03- how often do you have cheat days
5:53- what has motivated you the most on your fitness journey
8:01- what should you eat before/after a workout
10:52- ab exercises for those with a weak core
12:10- how to get started lifting weights as a beginner
14:03- what to do if you’re in school and busy
16:24- how much protein should I eat
17:20- how to lose weight on more calories
19:13- how to stay on track in unfamiliar places/on vacation
21:00- what do you do for hamstrings besides deadlifts
21:54- how to lose weight on your face
22:52- how many times a week do I workout/do I train any muscle groups twice
23:45- ratio of cardio to lifting

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