Life Health Now! Mom Guilt in Fitness, Weight loss Transformation, Fit Mom, Workout Schedule

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Please SUBSCRIBE. We are the Ladies of Life Health Now (Ileka, Krista, Nadia) and here we take on the topic of Mommy/Woman Guilt associated with working out. We also discuss what each of us have found to be the best time of the day to work out and stay committed to exercising daily in our path to healthy living.

Life Health Now! – Discussing all aspects of Life (Family, Marriage, Kids, Money, Single Life, Finance, etc), Health (Fitness tips, Health issues, Our Fitness Journey, Food, Commitment, etc), Now (Politics to Pop Culture and everything in between, what’s hot right now!). Extreme Weight Loss #WeightLoss #FitnessJourney #Transformation #HealthyLiving #PopCulture # WeightlossTransformation #FitMom

Introducing the Ladies:
Ileka – Wife, Mom of 4 young children, MS in Engineering, Leadership, Career Coaching, Pop Culture, Been overweight since birth but recently loss 90+ lbs still has a ways to go…
Krista – Wife, Mom of 3 young children, military spouse, PhD in Business and Finance, Leadership, Executive Coaching, Getting healthy again
Nadia – Wife, Mom of 2 (tween and teen), military spouse, Registered Nurse (RN), Health Coach, Getting Fit again

Share your own stories with us. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for show topics for us to discuss, so please stay connected.

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