INTENSE Full Body Workout & Circuit Training – Get in Shape & Improve Overall Fitness

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Shape up & improve athletic performance & overall fitness with intense workout routines / circuit training.
Effective and fun variation to the typical gym training workouts.
Calisthenics works great outdoors, get some fresh air, burn fat and have a nice workout!

There are many ways to create a circuit and a workout routine, also depending on experience & what level you train at.
Set ups and variables will vary: difficulty level, number of exercises, duration, set rest, number of rounds etc. Circuits are effective and great for weight loss and to burn fat, improve fitness, muscular and strength endurance etc.

There are 2 examples in the video (more advanced & basic alternatives too), working full body.

Create workouts and circuits with different exercises and set ups / intensity.
It does not require much time at all, so no excuses 🙂 A lot of work to be done in a short amount of time!
Try and see what works fine for you and always adjust for YOUR level. Never push it too hard in the beginning, step by step.

The royalty free music used in this video is „Alive“ by From the Dust is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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