Indoor Workout Routine for weight loss

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In this workout routine i have included little bit of both cardio and yoga. this is a very simple workout and can be done easily at home.
i have done-
1. Mountain Climbers
2. Russian Twist
3. In and Out Mountain Climbers
4. High Knee Jumps
5. Neck Rotation
6. Shoulder Rotation
7. Front Bending
8. Side Bending (standing)
9. Katichakrasana
10. Suryanamaskar

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All the information available in this video is for general purpose and do not consider it as a professional advice. I am neither a doctor nor an expert. I try my level best to share the most appropriate and accurate information with you all. Whatever information is shared here was very beneficial for me, but do consult an expert before making any big change in your lifestyle.

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