I Just Can’t Sleep Well | Back&Biceps Workout | Weight Loss Journey Logs | Day 10

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=== Weight Loss Journey Logs | Day 10===

Between Day 9 and Day 10 I did not sleep because I simply couldn’t. Roughly around 2:30 am, I gave up on trying to sleep as we were supposed to wake up at 4 am. Not having enough sleep can be a big problem in losing weight and it is damaging my weight loss goals despite daily exercise and planned & healthy nutrition that creates a caloric deficit. Despite the lack of sleep, I surprisingly had more energy than other days.

Check out these videos for proper form for Barbell Deadlifts:

Scooby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3kULYJ6nus

Athlean X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFUOtnI1jwk

Check out the channel of Darrell Bailey (Darrell Bailey Fitness):

All the meals, all the exercise… Everything… Everything that I do for weight loss is in „Weight Loss Journey Logs“.

In this program, Me (Alper) and Marketa are recording and sharing every single day of my weight loss journey.

For nutrition, we make our own meals at home. Just watch the video guys :), they are all there.

For exercise, we are following a program inspired by what Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Program used to be in the past. We don’t know how it is now as it is a paid program that we did not purchase it. So, we can say that we are following our own workout routine.

Please be around for the following days! Regardless of how many times you failed, we can make it together this time. This time we can!

Alper & Marketa


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4. Outro music: “Run” from Ross Bugden.

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