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4 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

When you find yourself stuck at the same weight for an extended period of time, even though you are working out, do not fret. Sometimes it happens, and you hit that weight loss plateau that can be so discouraging. But, there is to be no talk of quitting! Here are some ways to push on forward and find results again.

Vary Your Workout Routine Sometimes you reach a plateau purely because your workout stops working, which means it is time to try something new. Either changing your workout entirely or making your existing one more difficult. You still want to be careful not to exceed your own physical limits. That could lead you to harming your body in some way.

Cut Some Calories Maybe you are not seeing any changes because of your calorie intake. Try seeing if cutting a couple calories makes any difference. A good number to cut is 250 calories, just be careful to not cut too much- you still need calories in your body. If anything, you may just have to burn more of them.

Eat In More Often Eating in makes it easier to control what you are eating and the amount of calories, fats, sodium, and other things you are getting. Be sure you are eating healthy foods that will not add a lot of unhealthy fats to your diet, as that could set you back further.

You also will have better control on portion size, and can easily make enough for a week, but only eat a single serving amount each time. Be Sure to Stay Hydrated You are not limited to just water when it comes to hydrating. You can also have teas, without sugar as another form of hydration. Hydrating is important for body function, but it can help curb hunger, which means you will eat less.

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