How I Find Time to Workout – Weight Loss Journey Vlog #06

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In this video, I discuss a question I got on Snapchat asking how I find time to workout. So lets have a conversation about my mindset on working out and how I find the time to workout.

My name is Chris Raynerson and I am on a Weight Loss Journey. Beginning back in the Fall of 2016, I was sick and tired of being unhealthy. I felt like garbage, I felt unaccomplished and want to improve my life for the better. So I began documenting my weight loss journey on social media and have lost over 45lbs!

This channel is my video journal discussing all the good, bad, and some great tips I learned during my Weight Loss Journey. I will have weekly weigh-ins, accomplishing weekly/monthly/yearly goals. I’ll also give you all useful tips I have found during my Weight Loss Journey. Follow me on my journey, and I hope I can help push you into creating a journey of your own!

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