Home Workouts Tips:How to control loose skin from weight loss

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A common Question people ask how do they deal with excess skin. Normally this is the effect of rapid weight loss. Though cardio is essential to a balanced workout routine and it should not be the basis of your weight loss program. People should focus more on progressive resistance training in order to build muscle tissue and loose weight. You cannot do this by high reputation low weight exercises. Three reasons you would want to have increased muscle tissue are as follows 1) by increasing muscle tissue you actually raise your resting metabolic rate, allowing you to burn fat even while you sleep. 2) by increasing muscle tissue is the only way that you can actually save your body and fill in the space that is now now after rapid weight loss, 3) increase strength and overall functional movements.

On YouTube you will see a lot of videos trying to sell you on easy workout that do not require weight. I will tell you those videos are being disingenuous.

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