Full body workout ( Day 4 ) Train to Tone Weight loss | cross fit workout( Hindi )

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( Day 4 ) Full body workout Train to Tone Weight loss cross fit workout.Tone Muscle to burn fat and calories.Full body strength exercises to shape your body fast at gym. Do this training program 4 times a week and follow a balanced diet to get faster results.
Body granite expert trainer Laksmikanth g s will make your Best Weight loss Magic Workout at Home. Please subscribe our channel to get tips every day…
workout routine :-


BODY GRANITE the name itself is enough for the fitness lovers. Located in the heart of A.S.RAO , on the main road of high tension road, Hyderabad. Here to speak about the trainers is very important. They are highly qualified in weight training , yoga , power yoga, aerobics , Bollywood dance , Cardio workouts,six pack , abs ,apart from this training , physiotherapy is given to the clients. Sometimes clients are taken to the ground to feel the fresh air and special activity is carried on. Every day is a new day at the gym. coze the ambiance is very friendly. Trainers here are very cordial with the clients.
Every client here is given personal attention, care and also diet to follow to loss weight and desired body to achieve it.

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