Fitness: Weight Loss, and Training With Raspberry Ketones (Day 1) Review

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Weight Loss advice, and Raspberry Ketone reviews. Over the summer, I noticed multiple (mixed) reviews deriving from raspberry ketones! Not only did I find about this recent, supposedly „miraculous“ discovery within the supplement world through fitness magazines, but I also noticed many positive reviews within Youtube and during Dr. Oz’s weight loss discussions. After contemplating for three or so months concerning whether or not I needed to experiment with this recent, hyped up discovery I decided to give-in and find out myself. Whoever watches this, I hope you not only keep track on my progress but I hope you also inform me of your experience/desires/interests as well. My veggie-capsule supplement is from Genceutic Naturals. It consists of decaffeinated green tea extract (300mg), and raspberry ketone extract (200mg); PURE RAS. I fail to attain adequate sleep for my strenuous training; therefore, my body consists of excess fat of which I despise. With this experiment, I not only look forward to sharing my results while pushing my training to the „next level“ but to prove whether or not all the hype is worthy for positive appraisal(s). Also, I find the fact that I’m trying to remember to take TWO pills every day (one before breakfast, and another pill thirty minutes prior to the end of my training/post-workout meal later on in the afternoon) important for you to know. FYI: Though I use protein shake supplement(s), the results I post will derive from the raspberry ketones since I already integrated my protein shake, exercise, and dieting beforehand (:

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