Fitness Video 3 – „Fat/Weight Loss Short Cut“

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Here’s the 3rd edition of my fitness video series – “Fat/Weight Loss Short Cut“.

Tip Of The Video: When fat will go your weight will also go but if you gain muscle at the same time, sometimes your weight remains same but you look slimmer, this we call TRANSFORMATION so don’t worry about the weight, keep the scale aside & focus on the physical appearance & do not take any fat loss supplements like FAT BURNERS unless you are doing intense workouts regularly. Good luck.

Osteomalacia – is the reason the bones become soft, due to problems with the metabolism of vitamin D, that can cause serious injuries & lead to weak joints as well & can become one of the reason of increasing the chances for Osteoporosis – Osteoarthritis in future. So do keep a regular check on your vitamin D deficiency.

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Video edited by – Kalpesa Films.

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