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http://www.sampafitness.com – Glendora – 626-335-4971 and Walnut- 626-238-3309

The Fat Furnace program is a 14-day fat burning program that will give you results! It’s a great first step to losing weight, develop better eating habits, and get that body you’ve always wanted. Find out how you can be a part of this program!

A really fun, energy-filled and fitness boot camp school.

Yes, we called ourselves a school, not a Gym because here is not a place that you come and go to exercise. Here you come to train learn about yourself and your limitations, physical and Mental, here you will belong to a group of peers that want to be successful in any level of their lives and use physical training to change their state of mind to magnificent.

We have a massive adult program and a humongous kids program and a great Deal for families.
Adults and kids will learn and self-improve not only on training but outside the training, we are doing our sustainability job, Helping adults and kids get more educated and respectful fitness.

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