* Fat Burning DUMBBELL Ladder | 40 Minute Full Body CARDIO + STRENGTH Weight Loss Workout

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We’re going Back to (old) School with this tough and sweaty WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT, originally recorded in September, 2014. BODYWEIGHT CARDIO exercises combined with DUMBBELL STRENGTH work in a ladder format means full body conditioning. We’ll burn fat, tone our muscles and increase our cardiovascular capacity in a fun, 40-minute workout!


One DUMBBELL (mine was 8 lbs)

Warm Up and Cool Down:
Both are LINKED in the video

Exercise Time:
41 minutes

Why you’re going to ❤ this workout:
This workout is super efficient and effective for burning calories and building muscle for weight loss, plus it’s just the right amount of challenging to make you feel AWESOME that you got it done!

Where this fits into your routine:
Full Body Day – this one covers it all.

Who can do this workout safely and well:
Beginners with some strength training experience

Calories Burned:
Somewhere in the vicinity of 300 – 400 calories, which is a LOT (this number depends on your weight and intensity)

MAIN WORKOUT (Round 1 = 1x each exercise, Round 2 = 2x each exercise; repeat until Round 9):
Goblet Squats
Jumping Jacks
Flying Fast Ups
Star Jumps
Overhead to High Knees
Mule Kicks
Renegade Rows
Heel Touch V-Sits

FINISHER (timer is set for 9 seconds; repeat for 9 intervals with 9 seconds of rest between):
Plank Hold

Watch the original version of this workout here: https://youtu.be/wchc-1k37rI

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