Easy Weight Loss Workout for Beginners! Ep. 04 Week 1 Day 4 (2018)

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Hey Guys! I’m Jaydah!

In today’s video, Im sharing my workout from Day 4 of week 1. It’s almost over! 5/5 workouts almost complete! I’m so excited to be sharing the process with you all, day in and day out.

I did not want to workout today. i WAS SO SLEEPLY AND IT TOOK ME TWENTY MINUTES TO GET OUT OF MY CAR!!! However, once i got started, the spirit of TMH took over me and I was able to focus on my goals and why I was embarking on this weight loss journey in the first place. I got in the gym and conquered my workout!

If you are also on a weight loss journey, please let me know down in the comment section below. I’ll be sure to subscribe and show my support!

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