EASY Beginners Workout for Women! WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION Ep. 03 Week 1 Day 3

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Hey Everyone! I’m Jaydah!

I’ve recently decided to record my 2018 weight loss journey here on YouTube in hopes of inspiring and motivating women to go after their goals! Honestly, my goals seems so far away you all! I know that I will never get there if I quit. I’ve been trying to stay positive despite struggling with depression. I am seeking help now after a year+ of denying my mental illness. That journey is something I will also be opening up about because often time not many women do. We like to pretend like we have our self all together. However, that’s not always the case. Hopefully I can be transparent enough to motivate others to seek help or make the necessary changes in their life to better themselves and their situation!

This is going to be an exciting weight loss journey, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all! If you are on a weight loss journey too, let me know so that we can support one another!

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