Day 6 of my weight loss vlogs – lower body workout and planet fitness

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Day 6 of my daily documented weight loss journey vlogs.
Fitness – Clean Eating – Staying Motivated
This is my workout at planet fitness I start by running a mile and theeeen…
1st Circuit
Leg Curl – 60lbs – sets of 14
Knee Step – sets of 12
Deadlifts – 40lbs – sets of 10
I do it as a circuit and repeat 3 times.

2nd Circuit
Leg Extension – 45 lbs – sets of 14
Step Curl – sets of 12
Deadlifts – 40 lbs – sets of 10
Repeat circuit 3 times

3rd Circuit
Leg Press – 110lbs sets of 14
Step Kicks – sets of 12
Calf Raises – sets of 10

4th Circuit
Hip Abduction and Adduction with 130lbs sets of 25 each 4 times.

Stretch!!!!!!!!! Stretch!!!! and Strech!!!

Final Circuit

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