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A sweaty, rigorous, cardio flow yoga workout yoga for weight loss video taught by Los Angeles based yoga teacher Anna Hanson. In this yoga flow class will get your breath flowing & heart moving for weight loss as well as promoting strength, flexibility & relaxation. Anna Hanson brings deep insight, healthy perspective and joyful energy to a well rounded yoga practice that includes core work, balance, hip stretches and upper back opening that will also help you burn calories and feel fantastic.

Anna Hanson approaches yoga, with a curious mind and playful attitude. While fun and mindful, her classes are physically demanding. Students can expect to be greeted with a smile, a bit of yoga philosophy, some breath work, and a whole lot of strength-building flow. She is passionate about encouraging students through advances in their physical practice, managing stress, and moving beyond perceived limitations.

She received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification with Rudy Mettia and Travis Elliot of Santa Monica Power Yoga and has since been certified in two different styles of barre, Pilates Plus, and through Air Aerial Fitness. Her biggest influences have been Rudy and Travis certainly, as well as the noteworthy Shiva Rae, and Michelle Anderson of Studio Be and Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop in Anna’s hometown of Boulder, Colorado. She currently teaches in LA at Rising Lotus, Yoga Salt, Heartbeat House, and Air Aerial Fitness.

When she’s not teaching, Anna is passionate about organizing beach clean-ups for her non-profit Daana Blue, being creative, eating delicious vegan food, her two Italian Greyhounds Ella and Dottie, and going on adventures.

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