Cardio War Workout – Exclusive World War Cardio Workout – Weight loss Cardio War Routine

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Cardio War Workout – Exclusive World War Cardio Workout – Weight loss Cardio War Routine
20 MinutesCardio War Workout – Exclusive World War Cardio Workout – Weight loss Cardio War Routine .for Fat Loss Without Weights – Fat Burning High Intensity Cardio Single workout triple effect Cardio Routine (Gym) from Body Granite in 20 Extreme is an explosive,Fat Burning Cardio Workout that combines metabolism-boosting cardio moves with full body-toning moves to mobilize fat, incinerate calories and sculpt lean muscle throughout the entire body. Challenge yourself and get ready to sweat with Expert Trainer & and Director, Lakshmikanth as he takes you through 3 intense circuits of 3 calisthenic exercises each that are to be performed in succession with only 30 second rest periods between. Learn how to burn fat, increase flexibility, and engage the core as you tone the abs, arms, legs, glutes, shoulders, chest, obliques, and back in this effective, 20 Minutes Cardio from the all new „ in 20 Extreme“ Program, only on BodyGranite! Enhance your endurance as you challenge all of the major muscle groups of the body with moves such as standing oblic crunch, Food ball jog, Bsket ball jumps, lunges, jumping jacks, toes touch, , lunges, sit ups, burpees, oblic crunch bicycles crunch, Lakshmikanth g s, hot feet w/ lunges, and squat-squat-hops that are sure to get you real results fast! You will only need a towel, a bottle of water, and the determination to transform your body to complete this workout that includes exercise modifications to it to any skill level. You may also adjust rest periods and number of reps to vary the difficulty level. Kick-start your heart rate with a fiery warm-up, before diving into fat-burning circuits followed by an ab burnout routine, and finishing up with a stretching cool-down series to prevent injury and maximize results. Look and feel your best as you build strength and burn fat with the pros right from your own living room. See below for a full list of exercises, reps, and time codes. Transform yourself with this free new system featuring lakshmikanth g s and Susan Bodygranite, and create a stronger, leaner, and healthier new you. For more workouts from the in 20 Extreme System, Click here:…

Body granite expert trainer Laksmikanth g s will make your Best Weight loss Magic Workout at Home. Please subscribe our channel to get tips every day……………

BODY GRANITE the name itself is enough for the fitness lovers. Located in the heart of A.S.RAO , on the main road of high tension road, Hyderabad. Here to speak about the trainers is very important. They are highly qualified in weight training , yoga , power yoga, aerobics , Bollywood dance , Cardio workouts,six pack , abs ,apart from this training , physiotherapy is given to the clients. Sometimes clients are taken to the ground to feel the fresh air and special activity is carried on. Every day is a new day at the gym. coze the ambiance is very friendly. Trainers here are very cordial with the clients.
Every client here is given personal attention, care and also diet to follow to loss weight and desired body to achieve it.

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