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How do you modify the buddha squats for 80 Day Obsession. This is how I modified the exercise as a plus size woman from very basic modifications until I taught myself and my body how to do a buddha squat AND surrender using these VERY same techniques. I would LOVE to know if you found them helpful!

I was a part of the development test group of 80 Day Obsession and lost 29 inches in 13 weeks (10 inches in my waist and 8 inches in my thighs). I struggled with many of the exercises and modified to build on my ability. Think of it as added layers as you go. This video will show you plus size exercise modifications and 80 Day Obsession modifications for those that are looking for an online workout to do in the privacy of your own home to help you with your weight loss journey.

To apply for my plus size support group where I coach you step by step on your plus size fitness journey, email me at tulinpmm@gmail.com SUBJECT: YouTube

Please note, we are a small community of coaches and if you have a coach or are a coach, please know in order to honor those relationships and to keep my groups small and manageable, the groups are reserved for those I personally coach. Thank you for understanding.

In this video I show you how I learned to do bear crawls by focusing on an element of the exercise at a time as well as the side plank pull through in Phase one of 80 Day Obsession.

Watch a couple of the modifications I used to build up in my ability when it comes to doing squats as a plus size woman on a weight loss journey. How to apply all the experts information to my body and my journey.

This is YOUR journey! I share mine in hopes to inspire others not to quit and to learn that this is a journey to fit. All of this was born out of my personal frustration over 3 years ago when I couldn’t find another body that looked like mine in motion at over 350 lbs. People were only sharing their before and their after. The best of their journey, not the struggles. I started sharing what I found was lacking. I wanted to know what it looked like, sounded like, and felt like. I have many videos on my YouTube channel that shares my over all journey, now I take you through the exercises I use, how I do them, and where I started with them. This is for beginners or others that struggle on how to apply the vast knowledge available to use in health and fitness to our bodies. To break through what held us back. It is my hope that I inspire you to never want to quit again.

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Let me know your thoughts and comments! I would love to here your positive support for such an amazing project!

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