Beware of The Lunges | Legs&Abs Workout | Weight Loss Journey Logs | Day 4

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=== Weight Loss Journey Logs | Day 4 ===

CORRECTION: We did a legs & abs workout today but the video says Chest|Shoulder|Triceps… Sorry for that. We will try to be more careful tomorrow.

All the meals, all the exercise… Everything… Everything that I do for weight loss is in „Weight Loss Journey Logs“.

In this program, Me (Alper) and Marketa are recording and sharing every single day of my weight loss journey.

In Day 4, we had a lot of pain during lunges. We were babbling about it a lot 🙂 because it hurt a lot :).

For nutrition, we make our own meals at home. Just watch the video, they are all there.

For exercise, we were following `Labrada Lean Body Training Program` however it seems like started to charge people for that program and they decided to do this very recently. Therefore, we decided to deviate from the program but use similar principles and in the end our workout program will be pretty similar to what Labrada program used to include. We were already modifying the program according to the availability of equipments in our gym. The 84 days challange will stay in place for us and so are the exercises. You can find the exercises in each episode.

Please be around for the following days! Regardless of how many times you failed, we can make it together this time. This time we can!

Alper & Marketa


– Joe Bagale – ‚Luda Illa‘
– Gunnar Olsen – ‚Pisco Sour‘

The Exercise & Outro music: “Run” from Ross Bugden

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