BEST Way to Lose Weight & Tone | + a 20 Min Workout

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Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! Today’s video is about my FAVORITE type of way to workout. This type of fitness is how you will lose weight and tone up all over in a efficient and effective way. I truly believe it’s the BEST way to workout. Even in you’re very familiar with HIIT, make sure you listen to everything in the beginning, as there are great tips and advice on how to complete HIIT at the best of your ability and on improving.
Hope you guys enjoy it!!

8 exercises, complete each one for 30 seconds and repeat ALL 3 times through:
1. Squat + Elbow Jab
2. Side Lunge with Kick (15 sec each leg)
3. Lunge Jumps + 2 Punches
4. Box n Squat
5. Back Lunge + Front Kick (15 sec each leg)
6. Plie Squat + Punches
7. Side Kicks (15 sec each leg)
8. 5 Side Cardio Punches
AGAIN- the rest time depends on your ability level! Challenge yourself, but don’t over do it!
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Love, Katie

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