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One of the biggest reasons I started this channel was to get INDIA EDUCATED when it comes to fitness. THE BIGGEST problem with the fitness industry in this country is that women aren’t involved as much as they rightfully should be. SO many women WANT to get fit but don’t have much of an idea of how to go about it. In the quest to „Burn fat“, women of all ages join dance and other random „workout classes“. There is a reason that RESISTANCE BASED TRAINING is BY FAR, the most popular workout regime all over the world. Even amongst women. India is getting left behind in the new, fit world! Unfortunately, resistance and weight training have a very bad reputation amongst the women of this country. Desi girls think they’ll get „too bulky“ or „too manly“ if they start using dumbells. Firstly ladies, you need to understand that that’s not the case. There isn’t a single bollywood actress who doesn’t lift weights. Do they look bulky or manly?

I personally and HONESTLY feel that women can benefit MUCH more from weight training than men can. Any advanced gymmer will always testify to that idea. But the only thing that’s lacking amongst the women of this country is the right guidance. I feel that with the technology we have today, its high time the ladies of this country are educated about more EFFICIENT methods of fat loss. A big reason i started this channel was so that i had some kind of a platform to help spread the knowledge that I have gained over the last 3 years. Today’s video is a MUST WATCH, especially if you’re a woman who wants to maximise the potential of your own body. You’ll be able to achieve that flat stomach, those toned arms and even that thigh gap that you’ve dreamt of. But you need the right guidance first! Ladies, I highly recommend you watch this video at least once. Share it if it appeals to you. And all you gymmers, I urge you to show this to every woman in your life. People (especially girls), really need to have the CORRECT fitness guidance for once.
This is the only channel and the only fitness ideology you need if you’re looking for fat loss or weight loss as a woman. Especially for all you Indian women!

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