At Home Mummy HIIT Workout & Pre Pregnancy Weight

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I attempt an at home hiit workout with my toddler. I used the body coach lean in 15 youtube channel to get a workout. I also hit my pre pregnancy weight so I am super happy.
As a mum to an almost 3 year old and a sufferer of PCOS. I have been on a weight loss and fitness journey since the 27 October 2015. I have so far lost just over 3 stone but have huge huge goals. I have found that missing piece of me again and I am so happy.
Part of this journey that has made me so happy is the fact other people have told me I have motivated or inspired them to get fit and healthy. This is why I want to share my journey with you all. I WILL get a bikini body I am proud of in 2017! So here is a diary of what I lose in a day for weight loss.

You can also find me on instagram (I post alot of fitness and weight loss related images) and twitter-

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