ab exercises – weight loss exercises – airplane squat

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ab exercises – weight loss exercises – airplane squat
Shoulder Workout For Men Over 40 — With US Marine Austin Sullivan
MEN OVER 40 How To Increase Testosterone And Get Rid Of Belly Fat
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start losing belly fat fast
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The Fat Loss Code Program
This program features beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to help you progress. You will discover quickly that the tips and strategies in this program will help you get great results no matter what your current level of health may be.


This program is designed to help you achieve and KEEP your results long-term. Although you will lose several pounds of body fat and several inches in the first few weeks, this is not some „bootcamp“ style program to beat you into the ground and make it hard to maintain the work you are doing. This program takes the first 6-weeks to really help you build an unstoppable foundation. From there you’ll be able to keep building on your results, and get a better and better body along the way. This is a program that truly does help you with a lifestyle change, but gets you some impressive initial results without all the hype.

„My goal was to simply get in the best shape of my life at age 42“
At my heaviest, I was weighing over 200 pounds. Like many people, the weight just crept on. I typically wore shirts and pants that were a size too large because I hated anything tight on me. From the very beginning my goal was to simply get in the best shape of my life at age 42. TFLC has been a tremendous change for me, all for the better. Of course, there is the obvious, my weight loss – I now weigh 167 pounds, body fat loss and overall increased physical stamina. I just completed a 700 mile bicycle ride over the course of 8 days that wouldn’t have been possible in the past! ~ Justin
„I went from a size 16 to a size 6. I continue to be unstoppable and I love it.“
I tried different diets, and even joined the gym but no matter what I never lost the weight or if I did lose it, I would gain it all back and more. After getting the Fat Loss Code I started implementing everything and I began seeing results as fast as 2 weeks and ever since my weight dropped drastically and never gained it back! It’s been almost 2 years now and I have maintained my weight. Everybody is amazed by how great I look! This is the greatest achievement I have achieved & I continue to take great care of my body. Thank you Shawn, you are amazing & you ROCK!!! My gratitude to you always. ~ Lizzy



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