7 Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Tips For Men

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As a busy guy, losing weight requires the proper plan. In this powerful guide, you are about to discover 7 scientifically proven weight loss tips for men that will help you start seeing results this week.

– Tip #1 – Screw Diets. Start A Lifestyle Eating Plan.

Here’s some “real talk” – man to man. We both know there are a million and one types of ‘diets’ out there.

Low carb diets. Paleo diets. Vegan diets.

The problem is that the mentality behind dieting is a short-term quick fix. If you’re like me, you want to lose the weight and keep it all off long term.

– Tip #2 – Drink 100oz of water to control your hunger & increase your energy!

Ahh, the good ol’ H20. It is said that water is the life-source of all living things, and for us to function optimally (and lose weight), this statement could not be more true.

Dehydration causes all sorts of issues within our body, including headaches, tiredness, lethargy, confusion, changes in mood and lowered concentration.

– Tip #3 – Make 30 mins of daily activity your priority.

There is a huge misconception about weight loss that we need to do complicated workouts to see results.

In truth, research shows that a good meal plan coupled with 30 mins of daily activity is enough to seriously kickstart weight loss results.

– Tip #4 – Build muscle mass to lose more weight

OK, I’m not talking about becoming Arnie here, but just increasing your muscle mass in order to make you more efficient at burning calories.

Doing an activity that will increase muscle tissue will put you on the front foot when it comes to shedding pounds of body-fat.

– Tip #5 – Sleep more. Minimum 7 hours.

Most guys don’t realize that getting quality sleep is one thing most important aspects of losing weight.

During sleep, your body burns fat and regulates all your key metabolism hormones – growth hormone, cortisol, insulin, etc.

– Tip #6 – Monitor, Evaluate, and Course Correct

Losing weight is a journey that requires moinitoring and course-correction.

For many guys trying to lose weight, the idea of taking regular measurements and stepping on the scale regularly fills people with dread.

But believe me, tracking your weight loss progress can actually be one of most motivating parts of the whole experience.

– Tip #7 – Reward yourself!

What?…..A Reward??……Awesome!

Allowing yourself a planned reward meal each week will help to satisfy cravings you may have for food you are missing.

Things that usually top the list include Pizza, Hamburgers or Ice cream. Maybe your treat food is something different?

To read the full article, click here: Read the full article here: → http://bit.ly/YT-proven-tips


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