60 Minutes of Exercise For 60 Days | Weight Loss Body Transformation Challenge

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I wanted make a body transformation challenge video and see what would happen if I didn’t change my diet & just exercised for 60 minutes a day for 60 days would I see some fast weight loss? This 60 day challenge is a natural weight loss experiment. This is my motivational weight loss journey, I hope this gives you motivation to lose weight & you get your own success story or at least entertained you. So please enjoy my 8 week body transformation results with my weight loss pictures. of before and after.

This is a good way to lose weight quickly for rapid fat loss but make sure that you sustain it. I do not claim to be a personal trainer or a health professional, I have hardly ever gone to the gym. However this workout has been great for my fat loss. To get motivated to do this I watched a lot of amazing weight loss videos seeing people doing fit to fat transformations. I saw some of the comments and loved how a video a creator made helped so many people, me included. I then knew I needed to create a challenge and do it with the hope of making my own workout motivation video as if this just inspires one person- all the hours of filming, blood, sweat and editing would be worth it.

In terms of transformation videos, I saw a lot of people showing just transformation pictures as their videos, I wanted to take someone on my weight loss journey to understand it might be tough but you can get through it. Also when looking into a lot of transformation videos I questioned the integrity of the creators as I saw lots of mediation in terms of the pictures and a lot of the time the people that were showing transformations were fully trained personal trainers. I thought any viewer that wanted to get motivated would want to see un-athletic geek who doesn’t exercise go from nothing and achieve something. So that’s why this video is online for the world to see…I imagine nobody will click the read more and get this far but if on the rare occasion this gets any views and someone actually spent the time reading this, thank you and all the best on your journey.


Thanks for watching my video- I hope you check out how the journey is going:

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