5 Minutes Cardio and Abs Workout!!! For Weight Loss and SixPacks!

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5 Minute Cardio and Abs Workout!!! For Weight Loss and SixPacks!

How are you guys? Hope all of you are doing phenomenal. Today we have an Intense Workout. Only 5 Minutes. This workout consist of 30 seconds mountain climbers and 30 seconds bicycles. No rest in between. We are going to get down and dirty with this 5 minutes workout. We must always remember that in order to have a visible sixpack abs our belly fat has to be literally melted away from our bodies. I know that sometimes we don’t have enough time to get a workout in, but We here at Alpha2Fitness believe we all have an extra 5 minutes to spare. This 5 minute workout is meant to do just that. Workout the muscle while burning away the belly fat.
Mountain Climbers 30s
Bicycles 30s
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