4 Week Spartan Body-Weight Fat Loss Workout Challenge

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This week’s follow along workout and the first one for May (Saturday is the New Upload Day for the weekly workout) is a new Spartan Body-weight Strength & Conditioning workout – NO Gym NO Excuse!

This workout follows the start of our new Spartan Health & Fat Loss Camp here in Swindon (UK)

The idea behind this 4 week challenge is to complete this workout 3 times per week (with a rest/recovery day – check out the playlists) between each workout for 4 weeks.

Beginners complete ONE round three times per week and progress to twice each workout (rest 2-3mins and repeat making a 20 min workout) in the 3rd week OR as and when you are ready

Intermediate complete the workout 2 times (1-3 mins between rest between each round) and progress to three times each workout (rest 2-3 mins and repeat making a 30 min workout) in the 3rd week OR as and when you are ready

Advanced – Complete the 10 minute workout round three times in total with 1-3 mins rest between each workout

There are modifications to make it easier AND harder so you can progress as and when you are ready!

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Let me know how you get on below and why not subscribe and never miss a workout?

Train for Purpose & Train Safe – Anybody can do it

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